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You haven't tasted beef... Until you've tasted our Premium Black Angus beef

Once you've tasted beef from Walnut Hollow Ranch, you'll be hooked!

Here are some other great reasons to choose our beef:

  • Trust - Walnut Hollow Ranch is dedicated to the care of their cattle and beef quality

  • Safety - Oversight from the USDA and FDA assures that today's beef is safer than ever. All natural beef reduces many health risks

  • Confidence - Wholesomeness and value in a healthy, quality protein product

  • Freedom of Choice - Have control over your food purchase decisions

  • Farm Sustainability - Do your part to help farms to sustain themselves through direct sales

Why Choose Walnut Hollow Ranch Premium Beef?

Walnut Hollow Ranch consistently produces premium Black Angus beef.

A healthy beef choice for your family.

Why Choose Grass Pastured Beef?
  • No antibiotics used
  • No added hormones or steroids
  • No growth promoting drugs
  • No medicated feeds or ionophores
  • 100% vegetarian diet, no animal by-products
  • Humane animal handling practices
  • USDA Inspected slaughterhouse and butcher
  • Free of preservatives and chemical tenderizers
  • Harvested at a young age

What Is All Natural Beef?

Cattle were designed to eat grass. Cattle are ruminants, their stomach and digestive system has a neutral pH balance on grass pasture. Feedlot cattle are fed a high grain diet and their digestive system becomes acidic, which may cause health problems. In this high stress environment, cattle are fed antibiotics continually to keep them from getting sick and gaining weight. Traces of antibiotics may be present in the final meat product.

Some research states that it can weaken the human immune system and make it easier for drug resistant strains to evolve. To maximize growth, cattle are grain fed in feedlots and typically implanted with hormones.

Here at Walnut Hollow Ranch, we take our time, in harmony with what Mother Nature gives us in our mountains.

Healthful benefits of grass fed beef to your family.

Click the label below to compare our premium angus beef to supermarket beef.