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Walnut Hollow Ranch AI Cattle Services offer: AI working facilities Pre-breeding vaccinations, worming, tagging and pelvic measurements Custom grazing and feeding Daily heat detection Pregnancy checks Pre-conditioning Read more.

Our Cattle: The Environment

The environment is intensively managed at Walnut Hollow Ranch with the assistance of the Natural Resource Conservation Service. We implement many environmental quality practices including rotational grazing, creek and stream-bank protection, stabilizing the soils from erosion, and ecological manure management.

Walnut Hollow Ranch has a commitment and a passion for conservation and preservation of farmland. We are proud of the stewardship of our land.

Walnut Hollow Ranch practices sustainable pasture management. Pastures are generally limed to balance the soils and seeded annually, keeping the grass and legume stands in good cover. The ranch has an abundance of dung beetles. These beneficial insects help enrich the soils naturally. In addition, wild turkeys comb the pastures, assisting pasture health and nutrient recycling.

Conservation easement zones and wildlife habitat areas are managed on the farm. The woodlands are addressed with a Woodland Management Plan. The farm is listed as a "Voluntary Agriculture District" in Clay County, NC.

The farm was bestowed the 2014 Area 1 Conservation Farm Family of the year for outstanding accomplishments in the conservation of natural resources.

NC Dept. of Environmental Quality Recognition

Walnut Hollow Ranch is the first business in Clay County to receive recognition from the NC Department of Environmental Quality. The NC Green Travel Program recognizes businesses in the travel industry that have established and adhere to a set of guidelines that protect the environment.

The farm is committed to protecting our environment by conducting business in such a way as to conserve energy, water and natural resources.

Walnut Hollow Ranch seeks to be a better steward of the earth by creating a healthy environment for its guests, employees and community. This is accomplished by implementing an energy reduction program, water conservation program, helping to protect air quality and reducing the amount of solid waste generated. The cattle ranch has a commitment and passion for conservation and preservation of farmland. The farm is proud of the stewardship of the land.

North Carolina's Green Travel recognition program is the most extensive in the nation, encompassing lodging, food service, attractions, museums, parks, vacation rentals, convention centers, festivals and other travel-oriented businesses. The actions encouraged by NC GreenTravel help businesses reduce operation costs, increase profits and extend their brand to a growing consumer market making travel decisions based upon the green practices of those from whom they purchase.