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Processing and Packaging

Savings and Discounts

Choose cost saving double paper wrap for the best value Half Shares, and save approximately $240 over Quarter Shares! (Packages of cuts are not weighed individually.)

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is Walnut Hollow Ranch's top priority. You never pay for excessive fat and bone with Walnut Hollow Ranch Beef. I love to talk "beef". Feel free to call or e-mail with any questions or concerns.

Pricing and Cut Selection

Pounds of Beef # of Boxes
Packaging Price per Pound
20 pounds
Your Choice of Cuts
1 Plastic
10% OFF
Retail Prices by the Cut
One Eighth Beef Share
50+ Pounds
3 Plastic
Quarter Beef Share
100+ Pounds
6 Plastic
Good Value
Custom Half Beef Share
200+ Pounds
12 Plastic
Best Value

Quarter Beef Share includes approximately:
  • 5-6 Rib Eye Steaks
  • 3-4 T-bone Steaks
  • 2-3 Porterhouse and/or Strip Steaks
  • 2-4 Sirloin Steaks
  • 1 Specialty Cut: Tri-tip, Flat Iron Steak or Chuck Eye Steak
  • 1 Sirloin Tip Roast and/or Rump Roast
  • 1 Eye Round Roast or Brisket
  • 2 London Broil
  • 2-3 Chuck Roast
  • 2 Shoulder Roast
  • 1 Skirt Steak
  • 1-2 Packages Shank/ Soup Bones
  • 45-50 Packages Ground Beef
  • Free Stock/ Dog Bones
  • Cuts May Vary
  • No sales tax on Quarter Shares of beef
Custom Half Beef Share
  • Custom halves can be cut to your specifications, you can choose larger roasts, omit certain roasts, thicker steaks, boneless steaks, or other request
  • Half share will include Filets, Flank steak, Brisket, Eye round roast, Tri-tip, Flat Iron steak, Chuck eye steaks, and Soup bones
  • You can choose double paper wrap or plastic sealed packaging
  • No sales tax on Half Shares of beef
Cuts by advance order:
  • Chuck Tender
  • Cube steak
  • Short ribs
  • Top Sirloin steaks

New for 2013: Family Plan
Beef CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture)
Get a 20 pound box of beef every month of June, July, August, September & October

Priced at $10.99 per pound, payable at pick up at Walnut Hollow Ranch

Boxes will include a selection of steaks, roasts and contain half ground beef

20 Pound Box Deal -- 10% OFF
Make up a box with your choice of cuts and we'll take 10% OFF the Retail Prices by the Cut

Beef Retail Prices by the Cut, plus 2% NC Sales Tax

Cut of Beef Plastic Vac-sealed Wrapped
Individually Labeled & Weighed
Filet Mignon 28.99
Rib Eye Steak 22.99
Porterhouse Steak 23.99
T-Bone Steak 19.99
NY Strip Steak 20.99
Sirloin Steak 17.99
Sirloin Tip Steak 16.99
Sirloin Tip Roast 15.99
Tri-Tip 18.99
Shoulder Roast 13.99
Chuck Roast 11.99
Chuck Tender 14.99
Chuck Eye Steak 17.99
Flat Iron Steak 18.99
London Broil 14.99
Eye Round Roast 15.99
Cube Steak 11.99
Rump Roast 12.99
Ground Beef 7.99
Stew Meat 9.99
Kabob Meat 14.99
Skirt Steak 15.99
Flank Steak 20.99
Brisket 13.99
Short Ribs 6.99
Liver 3.99
Tongue 4.99
Oxtail 5.99
Bones 1.99