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Livestock for Sale

Walnut Hollow Ranch offers Black Angus and SimAngus Cattle artificially bred to top sires in the country for beef genetics. Read more.

Our Cattle

Walnut Hollow Ranch Black Angus cattle are moderately framed and early maturing, grazing peacefully on lush mountain pastures. Cross-breeding with Simmental Cattle accentuates hybrid vigor - healthier calves and good Mother cows. We like to keep about ¼ Simmental in our Mother Cows.

Healthy cows raise healthy calves. The top bulls in the country are selected for our artificial breeding program concentrating on genetics for carcass quality. Our herd is intensively managed. Providing their energy requirements keeps the calves growing and strong.

The herd has been closed since 2008. No bulls or other stock have been brought into the ranch. Our cattle are BVD PI Free. This means that they are free of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Persistently Infected Disease.

We select only the best and healthiest calves for the beef program. Weight and measurements are taken regularly. Health, birth, growth and breeding records are kept up to date. Walnut Hollow Ranch can "Source Verify to Ranch of Birth", because we raise all our calves.