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WHR Livestock Services

  • Month-to-month lease
  • Well managed pastures
  • Drinkers and electric fences
  • Pre-conditioning program
  • Easy access

    Artificial insemination (AI) is one of the most effective tools to improve productivity and profitability of a cattle operation. AI has many benefits for purebred breeders and commercial cattle producers.

    Advantages of AI
  • The ability to use sires of superior genetic merit using the best bulls of the breed
  • Improving production traits
  • The ability to mate specific sires to individual cows
  • Increased genetics for replacement heifers
  • Cost effective - decreasing costs of bull replacements and bull maintenance
  • When combined with estrous synchronization, a shorter calving season can be achieved, resulting in a more consistent and uniform calf crop

  • For the commercial cattleman:
  • Increased weaning weights
  • Improved post-weaning performance
  • Enhanced carcass value
  • More productive replacement heifers

  • Management program for successful AI:
  • Sound nutrition program keeping cows in good body condition
  • An effective herd health program
  • Adequate working facilities
  • Accurate estrus detection
  • Follow-up pregnancy check
  • Keeping good records

  • Estrous synchronization protocols allow successful inseminating cows at a predetermined, fixed time. The cost of implementing an AI program is variable, depending on the method of estrous synchronization used, cost of semen and pregnancy checks.

    Walnut Hollow Ranch AI Cattle Services offer:
  • AI working facilities
  • Pre-breeding vaccinations, worming, tagging and pelvic measurements
  • Custom grazing and feeding
  • Daily heat detection
  • Pregnancy checks
  • Pre-conditioning

  • Call for an artificial insemination consultation:
    Charlie Kissling
    Walnut Hollow Ranch
    1100 Carter Cove Road, Hayesville, NC 28904

    Livestock is always available for sale by private treaty

    Black Angus and SimAngus Cattle
    • Steer calves - Bred for beef
    • Heifer calves - For replacements
    Annual Spring Sale from April through June