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Livestock for Sale

Walnut Hollow Ranch offers Black Angus and SimAngus Cattle artificially bred to top sires in the country for beef genetics. Read more.

Our Cattle: Cattle Care and Health

The mountain ranch, at an elevation of 2,250 feet, offers warm, dry days and cool nights in autumn, an ideal time for calving and enabling a good start in life. By the time winter comes, the calves are on their own, eating next to Mother.

The calves are fence-line weaned late spring, which is much less stressful to Mother and baby. Prior to weaning, the calves learn from the Mother cows to forage and drink from our water systems. They are vaccinated against cattle diseases insuring a boost to their natural immunity.

For the next year, the cattle are maintained on the ranch. Any animal with a medical issue is culled (removed) from the herd. We monitor the feed, water, forages, minerals and parasites, keeping the stock happy and content.

The harvest season starts in late spring. The spring grasses have an abundance of "plant energy." We grass-finish the beeves (cattle) at this time which produces superior, bold-tasting beef.

Walnut Hollow Ranch subscribes to Humane Animal Handling Practices. Our handling, breeding and feeding facilities keep the cattle safe and calm.