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Walnut Hollow Ranch offers Premium Black Angus Beef. Our farm raised beef is All Natural – Grass Fed. NO hormones or antibiotics are used with our humanely raised cattle... Read more.

RV Camping & Stables

Come visit Western North Carolina's Premier Cattle Ranch and explore the beautiful Nantahala Mountain region of the Smoky Mountains. Read more.

You haven't tasted beef... Until you've tasted our Premium Black Angus beef

Once you've tasted beef from Walnut Hollow Ranch, you'll be hooked!

Here are some other great reasons to choose our beef:

  • Trust - Walnut Hollow Ranch is dedicated to the care of their cattle and beef quality

  • Safety - Oversight from the USDA and FDA assures that today's beef is safer than ever. All natural beef reduces many health risks

  • Confidence - Wholesomeness and value in a healthy, quality protein product

  • Freedom of Choice - Have control over your food purchase decisions

  • Farm Sustainability - Do your part to help farms to sustain themselves through direct sales

Western North Carolina's
Premier Cattle Ranch

Explore the Nantahala
Region of the Smoky Mountains

10% OFF Gift Cards This Month

15 POUND HOLIDAY BEEF BOX $149.00 (Save $50.00)
5.0 lbs. 85% Ground Beef
4.5 lbs. Chuck Roast (Bone In)
2.0 lbs. Stew Meat
2.0 lbs. Cube Steak
2.2 lb. Sirloin Steak (Bone In)
+ Free Selected Marinade or Sauce
+ Free Dog Bones

LOCAL FOODS BOX $79.00 [$110.00 Value]
3.00 lbs. 85% Ground Beef
1.50 lbs. Flat Iron or Chuck Eye Steaks
1.25 lbs. Chicken Legs
1.25 lbs. Rainbow Trout Fillets
1.00 lb. Bratwurst
1.00 lb. Spring Hill Butter
+ 1 Selected Marinade or Sauce

Get a Farm Tour and Lunch With Charlie
RV Site + 2 Guests $89.00 + tax

RV $100. Per Month Outdoor
RV $300. Per Month Indoor
Boat $50. Per Month Outdoor

Pick Your Own Black Walnuts & Hickory Nuts $2.50 Bucket
Hickory, Walnut, Locust
Royal Pawlonia Logs for Carving
Livestock Feed $12 per 50 lbs.

Split Firewood
Full Cord $130
Face Cord $70

Tools - Antiques - Merchandise - Farm & Horse Items
Featured Items: Santa Costume, Barn Wood, Primitive Work Bench, Paslode Nailer, Cattle Guard, Gates & Panels

You haven't seen a fat profile like this until now!

We love to talk "beef". Feel free to call or e-mail with any questions or concerns.

Real - all natural BBQ Pellets
Made from actual trees, not just residual wood in a smaller diameter to create a hotter burn and more smoke with more surface area

Made in the USA
Properly stored for freshness
20 Pound bags - Compare our prices
10 Wood and wood blend flavors

The smoke flavor of any tree is in the Metabolites or cambium layer of the growing tree... not from residual sawdust. Lumber Jack pellets are superior for smoking foods

Blend Oak Hickory Cherry $17.99
Blend Maple Hickory Cherry $17.99
Blend Maple Beech Cherry$17.99
Alder 100% $12.99
Apple 100% $21.99
Maple 100% $12.99
Hickory Oak Blend $12.99
Hickory 100% $12.99
Mesquite 100% $21.99
Pecan 100% $21.99

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10% OFF 10 Bag purchase